Noteworthy Collections: South Carolina: New Vascular Plant Records for South Carolina and Correction and Clarification of Previous Reports: 1981–2004


L.L. Gaddy

Additional Authors:


June 2014


noteworthy collections,

NEW STATE RECORDS Over the past few decades, the following species have been found growing naturally in the wild and are new to South Carolina.

Arnoglossum reniforme (Hook.) H. E. Rob.
(ASTERACEAE)—The great Indian plantain


Carex stricta Lam. (CYPERACEAE)


Hydrophyllum macrophyllum Nutt. (HYDROPHYLLACEAE)—
The large-leaved or hairy waterleaf ranges from Pennsylvania south to
Alabama in the southern Appalachians, but it is only locally common (‘‘rare in GA, NC, and VA,’’ according to Weakley [2012]). Known from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, it has heretofore been unreported from South Carolina.


Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd. var. pensylvanica (URTICACEAE)—The Pennsylvania pellitory is widely distributed in North America, but is uncommon in North Carolina and Georgia, and heretofore not reported in the literature from South Carolina.