Noteworthy Collections: Virginia (79-1)


Conley K. McMullen

Additional Authors:

Brinton E. Domangue


March 2014


noteworthy collections,

Leavenworthia uniflora (Michaux) Britton (Brassicaceae)—Shenandoah County: Rt. 733 roadside, on edge of Flat Rock Church parking lot. Lat: 38.69979 N, Lon: 78.74548 W. 22 March 2012. Brinton E. Domangue 666 (JMUH). Rt. 733 at Flat Rock Church, next to parking lot on north side of the church. Population of perhaps 50 individuals on lawn. Lat: 38.69979 N, Lon: 78.74548 W. 27 April 2013. Conley K. McMullen 921 (JMUH).

Significance. This is the first report of Leavenworthia (gladecress) in Virginia (Weakley et al. 2012). Leavenworthia is a genus of eight native species found primarily in the southeastern United States. Leavenworthia uniflora, the most widespread species has previously been reported from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee. Consequently, the population reported here represents a significant range extension, and makes Virginia the easternmost state in which Leavenworthia is found.