Noteworthy Collections: Virginia — Commelina benghalensis New to Virginia


W. John Hayden

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Dec 2013


noteworthy collections,

Commelina benghalensis L. (COMMELINACEAE)— Henrico County: University of Richmond campus, flower bed adjacent to Richmond Way, between Weinstein Hall and Whitehurst Building, 37834040.9200N, 77832018.9300W, 19 October 2012, W. J. Hayden 5688 (URV, duplicates at: FARM, JMU, LYN, MARY, NCU, ODU, VCU, VPI, WILLI, WVA).

Significance. This is the first report of Commelina benghalensis (Benghal dayflower, tropical spiderwort) in Virginia. Three mature plants with intertwined stems bearing numerous chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers were discovered as weeds in a landscape planting of hybrid Hemerocallis, hybrid Iris, and a dwarf cultivar of Nandina domestica; nine nonreproductive seedlings were found about one meter distant in the same flower bed. Inspection of other landscape plantings on the University of Richmond campus failed to yield additional specimens. In the eastern United States this federally listed noxious weed has progressively spread northward from its discovery in Florida