Phytosociological Patterns in the Forest Vegetation of South-Central Ohio


David T. Bell

Additional Authors:


December – 1978


Vegetation, Ohio, Forest, Acer, saccharum, Fagus, grandifolia, Quercus, alba

Forest stands in south-central Ohio between Xenia and Wrightsville are described. Variation of species composition is graphically displayed using polar (Bray-Curtis) ordination. Although the stands include those from the Wisconsinan glacial region, the region of Illinoian drift, and the unglaciated region of Ohio, the structural data did not cluster into three distinct groups. A gradient of moisture availability sorted out stands between those of a more mesic phase dominated by <em>Acer saccharum</em> and <em>Fagus grandifolia</em> and xeric phase stands dominated by <em>Quercus alba</em>. Flood-plain stands and successionally immature variations are also described. Intra-stand species diversity and concentration of dominance patterns are described.