Preliminary Results of a Floristic Survey of Rabun County, Georgia


Billy J. Stiles

Additional Authors:

Carol L. Howel


March – 1996


Rabun County, Georgia, flora, survey, Chestnut, Oak, Oak-Pine, Mesophytic, Hardwoods, Balds, Cliffs, Gorge Walls, Mountain Bogs, Mountain Rive, Flood Zone

Preliminary results of a floristic survey of Rabun County, Georgia, are presented the staff of the newly established Louise Gallant Herbarium at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. The report is based on field work and literature surveys conducted during the growing seasons of 1989 through 1994. As of November 1994, over 1,140 specimens from Rabun County were collected, representing 489 species. Another 325 species are documented in the literature, bringing the total number of species known from Rabun County to 814. The survey documented 185 county records, one state record, four protected species, and fourteen special concern species. Eight plant communities are described: 1) Chestnut or Oak-Chestnut Communities, 2) Oak and Oak-Pine Communities, 3) Mixed Mesophytic Communities or Cove Hardwoods, 4) Balds, 5) Cliffs and Gorge Walls, 6) Mountain Bogs, 7) Mountain River and Flood Zone, and 8) Disturbed Areas.