Scientific Note: Addendum to the Flora of Cumberland Island National Seashore, Camden County, Georgia


Wendy B. Zomlefer

Additional Authors:

Lisa M. Kruse


June 2011


georgia, Cumberland Island, flora

ABSTRACT Cumberland Island National Seashore, Camden County, Georgia, is administered by the National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior, and includes over 85% of the terrestrial acreage (7,880 ha; 19,472 acres) comprising Cumberland Island. A series of collecting trips over one year (2006–07) yielded 24 species of native angiosperm species not previously vouchered for the Island, presented here in an annotated list. These specimens also verify the presence of nine species vouchered several decades ago but not confirmed by a recent comprehensive inventory. Five species of these latest collections are state-ranked as species of special concern in Georgia. With the addition of these new records, the total now is 531 vouchered vascular plant species for this national park.