Scientific Note: Dictyostelid Cellular Slime Molds Associated with Limestone and Dolomite Glades in Northwest Arkansas


Eathan Gentry

Additional Authors:

Brittney Booth, John C. Landolt, and Steven L. Stephenson




cellular slime molds, dictyostelids, diversity, non-forest habitats, soil microhabitat

Samples for isolation of dictyostelid cellular slime molds (dictyostelids) were collected from two types of glades (limestone and dolomite) in northwest Arkansas. Glades are non-forest habitats which typically have shallow and usually rather xeric soils. As such, they would not appear to be particularly suitable for dictyostelids. In the present study, only seven species were recovered, and just three of these were recorded from both limestone and dolomite glades. Total densities (clones/gram) were rather low for both types of glades, with 25 clones/gram in dolomite glades and 23 clones/gram in limestone glades.