Scientific Note: Stenanthium leimanthoides (Melanthiaceae) and Nestronia umbellula (Santalaceae) in Alabama


Michael Wayne Morris

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Dec 2012




Stenanthium leimanthoides (A. Gray) Zomlefer & Judd, commonly known as pine barren deathcamas, is classified in the Melanthiaceae family and is a former member of the polyphyletic genus Zigadenus (Zomlefer and Judd 2002). It is spottily distributed from New York and New Jersey south through West Virginia to North Carolina and Tennessee. It also appears in the Gulf Coastal Plain, where it is a rare taxon ranging from west central Georgia (Carter et al. 2009) to south Alabama, northwest Florida (Anderson 1995), south Mississippi, and southeast Louisiana, perhaps extending as far west as east Texas (USDA Plants Database 2012). Plants in the Gulf Coastal Plain are generally very robust, sometimes attaining heights of two meters or more. Flowering in the latter region is mostly from May through the middle of June, and plants typically have paniculate inflorescences in which each branch (raceme) is elongate and tight.