Scleria pauciflora Muhl. and its varieties in North America


John E. Fairey, III

Additional Authors:


March – 1969


Scleria, pauciflora, caroliniana, pauciflora, curtissii,

In an earlier work’ on the species of Scleria in the Southeastern United States, S. pauciflora Muhl. was presented as a rather variable species encompassing many transitional and intergrading forms. One variety, var. caroliniana (Willd.) Wood was listed as being distinct. S. curtissii Britt. was retained as a poorly evaluated species with close affinities to S. pauciflora. Continuing work on the North American species of the genus has brought to light some material which seems to better fix the relationship of S. curtissii to the varietal forms of S. pauciflora.