Southeastern Records of Stachys affinis (S. Sieboldii) and S. floridana (Labiatae)


Lloyd H. Shinners

Additional Authors:


March – 1963


Stachys, affinis, Sieboldii, floridana, Labiatae

In 1958 or 1959 I received from Dr. F. W. Gould of Texas A. & M. College a sterile specimen which had been sent to him from Houston, where it was reported as a nursery weed. It was obviously in the Labiatae, and had conspicuous, tuberous-thickened rhizomes like those of Scutellaria parvula, but larger. It was identified by me as Stachys Sieboldii, which had just been reported from the Carolinas. There was one specimen in the SMU Herbarium so named from Georgia, which appeared to match the sterile one. No flowering material and no precise data for the Houston plant have been obtained.