State Records and Other Recent Noteworthy Collections of Tennessee Plants. IV.


Thomas S. Patrick

Additional Authors:

B. Eugene Wofford and David H. Webb


June – 1984


Agastache, scrophulariaefolia, Arenaria, godfreyi, Ceratophyllum, muricatum, Crepis, setosa, Fimbristylis, tomentosa, Glyceria, pallida, Solidago, ptarmicoides, Sporobolus, junceus, Comptonia, peregrina, Cyperus, engelmannii, Helenium, brevifolium, Lythrum, salicaria, Potamogeton, amplifolius, Tennessee

<em>Agastache scrophulariaefolia</em>, <em>Arenaria godfreyi</em>, <em>Ceratophyllum muricatum</em>, <em>Crepis setosa</em>, <em>Fimbristylis tomentosa</em>, <em>Glyceria pallida</em>, <em>Solidago ptarmicoides</em>, and <em>Sporobolus junceus</em> are reported as state records. Several other infrequently encountered taxa are presented, mostly as county records for Tennessee or as important range extensions. Additional information is given for <em>Comptonia peregrina</em>, <em>Cyperus engelmannii</em>, <em>Helenium brevifolium</em>, <em>Lythrum salicaria</em>, and <em>Potamogeton amplifolius</em>, all of which are rare plants in the state and had not been observed for nearly a half century or more.