The Lichens and Allied Fungi of Mount Mitchell State Park, North Carolina: A First Checklist with Comprehensive Keys and Comparison to Historical Data


James C. Lendemer

Additional Authors:

Carly R. Anderson Stewart, Betty Besal, Jim Goldsmith, Haley Griffith, Jordan R. Hoffman, Betsy Kraus, Paula LaPoint, Lin Li, Zachary Muscavitch, Joel Schultz, Rebecca Schultz, Jessica L. Allen,



Biodiversity, historical baseline, invasive species, macrolichens, pollution

ABSTRACT A total of 171 species of lichens and allied fungi are reported from the spruce-fir forests of Mount Mitchell State Park, in the Black Mountains of North Carolina, based on both historical and modern records. Comparison of the modern baseline with the historical macrolichen baseline generated in the 1970s revealed potential losses of high-elevation southern Appalachian endemics (2 species), cyanolichens (5 species), species typical of exposed rock outcrops (1 species), and widespread species typical of hardwood substrates at high elevations (8 species). In addition to a checklist and summary of lichen biodiversity, dichotomous keys are provided that  include all reported species.