The Pollination of Hexastylis naniflora in Cleveland County, North Carolina


Matthew S. Jones

Additional Authors:

Thomas H. Jones, James J. English,



Asarum, conservation, ecology, ecosystem services, facultative, Hexastylis, pollination,

ABSTRACT Research regarding the pollination mechanism of federally endangered Hexastylis naniflora was conducted during spring and summer 2009 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Research focused on the possible role of insect pollinators in pollination success. Caging was used to exclude insects from 30 flowers, from 30 different plants, in order to examine differences in a final percent seed set of fruits developed from both caged and open flowers. Though caged flowers did show partial seed set, a significant difference in percent seed set was found between the control and experimental groups (t ¼ 3.678, df ¼ 26.482, p ¼ 0.001, n ¼ 29 flowers) indicating pollination is the result of a compound, facultative mechanism, which includes both entomophily and some other, undetermined, self-pollinating capability.