The Vascular Flora and Vegetation in the Green River Gorge, North Carolina


Charles H. Racine

Additional Authors:

James W. Hardin


December – 1975


Vascular, Flora, Vegetation, Green River Gorge, North Carolina

A survey of a portion of the Green River Gorge, in Polk County, N. C., was made during 1973-74. The vascular flora includes 557 species, 179 (32%) of which are new county records. The vegetational analysis indicates six forest types correlated primarily with a topographic moisture gradient. From moist coves to dry upper slopes, ridges, and peaks, the corresponding vegetational change is from cove hardwoods or hemlock forests, to oak or oak-pine, to pine-oak or pine. Both floristically and vegetationally, this gorge is similar to the other gorges of the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Escarpment.