The Vascular Flora of Chewacla State Park, Lee County, Alabama


Chris T. Taylor

Additional Authors:

T. Wayne Barger, Evan Kilburn, Alfred R. Schotz, Curtis J. Hansen, Leslie R. Goertzen,


May 2020


Alabama, Auburn, Chewacla State Park, Floristics, Vascular Flora

Initially formed as a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in 1935, Chewacla State Park is a 282 ha property established in 1939. The park is currently managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Parks Division as a public recreational resource. A floral survey of this area was conducted from August 2014 through May 2019. A total of 704 species (incl. five hybrids) from 415 genera and 137 families were collected in the park. Asteraceae was the largest family with 98 species. Poaceae, Fabaceae, and Cyperaceae were the next largest families with 72, 48, and 48 species, respectively. Carex (Cyperaceae) was the largest genus, represented by 25 species. Seventy species are reported for the first time from Lee County, and one for the state of Alabama. One hundred and thirty-nine (19.7%) non-native species were collected during the surveys. Voucher plant collections made for this study are held at the Alabama Natural Heritage Section Herbarium (ALNHS) and the John D. Freeman Herbarium (AUA) with duplicates sent to the Anniston Museum of Natural History Herbarium (AMAL) and New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG).