The Vascular Flora of the Freedom Hills Forever Wild Tract, Colbert County, Alabama


T. Wayne Barger

Additional Authors:

Chris T. Taylor, Ashley S. Peters, Brian D. Holt, Jimmy K. Triplett, J. Kevin England,


Sept 2018


Alabama, exotic plants, floristics, Forever Wild, Freedom Hills, vascular flora

ABSTRACT The Freedom Hills Forever Wild Tract (FHFWT) is a 13,800 ha property acquired through multiple purchases by Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust beginning in 2001. The FHFWT is managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for habitat conservation, as a wildlife management area, and for outdoor education. An intensive floristic study of this area was conducted from March 2012 through February 2017. A total of 761 taxa (757 species) from 431 genera and 136 families were collected, with 328 taxa representing county records. A total of 104 nonnative taxa were collected during the surveys. Forty-three percent of the total collections were county records and 72 exotic taxa collected during this survey were determined to be county records. Plant collections were deposited at the Alabama Natural Heritage Section Herbarium (ALNHS) with duplicates distributed to Anniston Museum of Natural History (AMAL), Auburn University Herbarium (AUA), Jacksonville State University Herbarium (JSU), and the University of West Alabama Herbarium (UWAL).