Two Coastal Plain Dichanthelium (Poaceae: Paniceae) Disjunct in Tennessee Grasslands and Their Conservation


Claire M. Ciafré

Additional Authors:

L. Dwayne Estes


May – 2022


Dichanthelium roanokense, Dichanthelium wrightianum, Eastern Highland Rim, panic grass, Southeastern grasslands

Dichanthelium wrightianum, a species of panic grass whose North American range is exclusive to the Coastal Plain, is reported from Tennessee for the first time. A single population of this species was discovered in a wet grassland remnant in the Eastern Highland Rim physiographic region alongside many other species disjunct from the Coastal Plain. Another Coastal Plain Dichanthelium, D. roanokense, was found at a second wet grassland nearby. While D. roanokense was previously reported for Tennessee, it has not been recently documented or confirmed to be extant within the state and its current status should be reviewed. The ecology and conservation of Tennessee populations of both species are discussed.