Vascular Flora of Sandhill Research and Education Center, Richland County, South Carolina


R. Austin Jenkins

Additional Authors:

Patrick D. McMillan


June 2009


ABSTRACT Sandhill Research and Education Center is located on 215 ha of greenspace in South Carolina. The Center is now surrounded by suburban development. Although located within the Sandhills region and within the historic range of the Longleaf Pine Forest, agriculture has been the predominant land use during the last century. With development pressure and an interest in transitioning from agriculture to ecological restoration, a baseline inventory of the flora was initiated to provide further guidance to administrators. This survey delineates six plant community types (Swamp Tupelo, Sand Hickory, Blackjack Oak, Turkey Oak, Field, and Utility Right-of-Way) and reports a total of 328 species in 237 genera and 100 families. It adds two state records (Lespedeza virgata and Lotus corniculatus), 38 county records, and several noteworthy species.