Vascular Plants Previously Unreported in West Virginia


Eugene E. Hutton

Additional Authors:


December – 1972


Vascular, Plants, West Vriginia, Calamagrostis, neglecta, Muhlenbergia, brachyphylla, Eleocharis, palustris, major, Carex, straminea, Lechea, villosa, Cicuta, bulbifera, Verbena, scabra, Viburnum, rufidulum, Aster, junciformis, Lactuca, hirsuta, sanguinea, Prenanthes, crepidinea

The following recently discovered vascular plants are new records for the State of West Virginia, U. S. A.: <em>Calamagrostis neglecta</em>, <em>Muhlenbergia brachyphylla</em>, <em>Eleocharis palustris</em>, var. <em>major</em>, <em>Carex straminea</em>, <em>Lechea villosa</em>, <em>Cicuta bulbifera</em>, <em>Verbena scabra</em>, <em>Viburnum rufidulum</em>, <em>Aster junciformis</em>, <em>Lactuca hirsuta</em>, var. <em>sanguinea</em>, and <em>Prenanthes crepidinea</em>. This is a compilation of vascular plants recently discovered and not listed in “The Flora of West Virginia” by Strausbaugh and Core, 1952-1970. The nomenclature used and sequence followed are that employed by M. L. Fernald in the 8th Edition of Gray’s Manual, 1950 edition.