Vegetation Analysis of Sandstone Glades in Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas


Douglas L. Jeffries

Additional Authors:


March – 1987


Vegetation, Sandstone, Arkansas, Devil’s Den State Park, Schizachyrium, scoparium, Coreopis, palmata, Aristida, dichotoma, Helianthus, hirsutus

Vegetation and soil characteristics of five, steeply sloped sandstone glades located in Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas were surveyed. Soil factors were similar to those of other glade types reported in the literature. Mean soil depth was 5.2 cm, and 90% of all soil depth measurements were <10 cm. <em>Quercus stellata</em> and <em>Juniperius virginiana</em> were the most common tree species, and mean basal area for all trees was only 3.6 m2ha-1. <em>Schizachyrium scoparium</em> was a dominant species on all five glades. <em>Coreopis palmata</em>, <em>Aristida dichotoma</em>, and <em>Helianthus hirsutus</em> were co-dominants on one glade each; grasses comprised 46% of herbaceous vegetation.