Vegetation and Flora of the Pilot Serpentine Area in Maryland


R. Wayne Tyndall

Additional Authors:

Patricia M. Farr


December – 1990


Vegetation, Flora, Serpentine, Maryland

Vegetation and flora of the Pilot serpentine area were studied in Cecil County, Maryland. The ground layer of the 0.5 ha opening comprises 44 vascular plant taxa, including <em>Aster depauperatus</em>, <em>Sporobolus heterolepis</em>, and <em>Talinum teretifolium</em> which are rare in Maryland. <em>Sporobolus heterolepis</em> and <em>Schizachyrium scoparium</em> were community dominants, comprising 56% of total cover. <em>Sporobolus heterolepis</em> was most abundant in the perimeter of the opening which was in <em>Pinus virginiana</em> woodland and late savanna stages of succession. The non-perimeter region was mostly in grassland and early savanna stages. Drought stress was incidentally identified as an important factor inhibiting <em>Pinus virginiana</em> succession.