Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany – Issue 1 (Dec. 2002)

Foundations of Southeastern Botany: An Annotated Bibliography of Southeastern American Botanical Explorers Prior to 1824

ABSTRACT This paper lists published sources pertaining to the lives and work of seventy individuals who contributed to early botanical knowledge of the Southeastern United States. General sources, primarily biographical compilations and scientific bibliographies, are listed at the beginning of the paper, followed by entries for individual botanists. For each botanist, the listed information includes name (with any variants),place and year of birth and death, location of manuscripts and plant specimens, citations for published portraits and handwriting samples, lists of any plant or fungal genera named for the botanist, a brief summary statement about the person’s significance to Southeastern botany, and entries for published sources pertaining to the botanist. Works both by and about each botanist are listed with annotations. All entries are cross-referenced parenthetically throughout the text.  

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