2021 Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award: Zack E. Murrell


Charles N. Horn

Additional Authors:


May – 2021


The Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award has been presented annually since 1989 to individuals who show a dedication to botany. Ms. Bartholomew, better known to many as Betty, served as secretary of SABC from 1946 to 1981. In addition, her life was dedicated to plants as she transferred her excitement to students of all ages and walks of life while at West Virginia University, in Morgantown. She was tireless in her duty and service to our society as well as botany. This award has been presented to individuals who have also distinguished themselves in professional and public services that advanced our knowledge and appreciation of the world of plants and their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic values, and also to those with exceptional service to the society. This award has previously been presented to 30 persons.