2021 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Recipients


Richard and Minnie Windler Award Committee

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May – 2021


The Richard and Minnie Windler Award recognizes the authors of the best systematics and ecology papers published in Castanea during the previous year. For 2020, authors of two articles were selected as winners: Elizabeth McMurchie and Andrea Weeks for their article, “Vascular Flora and Ecological Community Assessment of the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, Loudoun County, Virginia” (Castanea 85[1]:42–64), and Justin P. Williams and Tracy S. Hawkins for their article, “Acorn Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Predation Dynamics in a Mississippi Bottomland Hardwood Forest” (Castanea 85[1]:159–168).