A Preliminary Check List of the Compositae of Mississippi


Louis C. Temple

Additional Authors:

Thomas M. Pullen


June – 1968


Compositae, Mississippi

Since September, 1963, relatively extensive floristic work has been carried on with the vascular flora of Mississippi. The senior author has concentrated his attention on the Compositae of the state since September, 1965. By the end of the 1966 collecting season, 302 taxa in 77 genera of this family had been recorded from 79 of the state’s 82 counties, including some offshore islands of the Mississippi Sound. Seventy-nine of the reported taxa are believed to be new reports. In addition to specimens existing at the beginning of the study in the herbaria of The University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University, this report is based on collections made during the period of study by the authors, Dr. S. B. Jones, Jr., and G. J. Miller of the University of Southern Mississippi, Dr. Ray Watson of Mississippi State University, and Mr. F. H. Sargent of Picayune. Specimens of Watson are filed in the Mississippi State University Herbarium, and all other collections are filed in The University of Mississippi Herbarium.