Noteworthy Collections — Kentucky: A Record of Cyrtomium fortunei J. Sm. in Kentucky with Comments on the Spread of this Exotic Species in the Southeastern United States


Thomas Aaron Hulsey

Additional Authors:

Albert J. Meier


December 2011


Cyrtomium fortunei J.Sm. (DRYOPTERIDACEAE)— Hart County: UTM UPS 16S 0590378 4121842 at an elevation of approximately 174 meters, on Western Kentucky University’s Upper Green River Biological Preserve, growing along the Green River in colluvium at the base of a small (approximately 4–5 m), north-facing Mississippian limestone bluff from the St. Genevieve Formation, as well as growing from soil deposits on the outcrop itself, September 15, 2009, Hulsey 28598 (WKU).


Significance. This is a new record for Kentucky and a northward extension of the range of this species in the eastern United States (Campbell and Medley pers. comm., Flora of North America Editorial Committee 1993, Jones 2005, Medley 1993). We found four plants of Cyrtomium fortunei with both fertile and non-fertile fronds. Riverfront hardwoods, particularly Acer negundo L., dominated the forest community at the base of the bluff.