Noteworthy Collections — North Carolina 76(4)


John B. Taggart

Additional Authors:

Brenda L. Wichmann


December 2011


Baccharis glomeruliflora Persoon (ASTERACEAE)— Pender County: collected in the southeastern lower coastal plain of North Carolina, ca. 4.7 air km southeast of Maple Hill, North Carolina. Three medium-sized shrubs (1.5 m in height) were found along the north side of NC 50 in a power line corridor adjacent to pine plantation and nonriverine swamp forest habitats at an elevation of 3.1 m above sea level— 34.637353uN, 77.65285uW; 13 October 2010, J. Taggart SARU 668 with B.L. Wichmann (WNC30927) and 26 October 2010, J. Taggart SARU 669 with B.L. Wichmann (NCU593247, WNC30925, and NCSC130718).

Significance. These collections from the same location represent a new Pender Country record, rediscovery in North Carolina, and northern range extension in the United States for this species which has significantly rareperipheral status (may be changed to state endangered) and SH rank (historical; now likely S1) in North Carolina and G4 global status (Buchanan and Finnegan 2010; Ms. Laura Gadd, Botanist, North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, pers. comm. of 3 May 2011). Previous North Carolina specimens were found in Brunswick (W.W. Ashe and R.K. Godfrey) and New Hanover (W.M. Canby) counties, but prior to 1950 (North Carolina University 2011). This collection site is located 25 km inland from the nearest estuarine shoreline in an area comprised of pine savanna, flatwoods, and swamp forest communities within a mosaic of current and former pine plantations (Taggart 2010).