Noteworthy Collections — North Carolina 75(4)


Richard J. LeBlond

Additional Authors:

Daniel F. Brunton


Dec 2010


noteworthy collections,

Isoetes microvela D.F. Brunt. (ISOETACEAE)— Sampson County: along east shore of Black River, 31 August 2006, Brunton and McIntosh 16833 (OAC, MO, Brunton pers. herbarium, LeBlond pers. herbarium).

Significance. These collections document the third known population group of the narrowly endemic Isoetes microvela (Small-veiled Quillwort, Thin-wall Quillwort), so far found only along fresh blackwater streams of the outer coastal plain of southeastern North Carolina. Isoetes microvela is a recently described taxon (Brunton and Britton 1998). Now recognized as a Federal Species of Concern, it is listed as State Endangered by the North Carolina Plant Conservation Program (North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 2009)). It has a global status of Critically Imperiled with a global rank of G1 and state rank of S1 (NatureServe 2009).