Observations on Hedyotis caerulea var. minor


F. R. Fosbe

Additional Authors:


September – 1955


Hedyotis, caerula, minor, herbarium

Last year, principally on the basis of study of herbarium material, several relatives of Hedyotis caerulea L. were reduced to varietal status under that species (Fosberg, Castanea 19: 30-31, 1954). This spring, through an invitation by Dr. Roland MVI. Harper, an opportunity was afforded to study one of these, var. minor, in the field at a number of localities in Alabama and Georgia. Many hundreds of plants were seen and collections were made from eight colonies, mostly near Tuscaloosa, between there and Livingston and Prattville, Alabama, and along the Flint River, southwest of Roberta, Georgia. Certain details of occurrence and morphology were observed which are not easy to learn from herbarium material and which should be placed on record, especially those in which this plant differs from var. caerulea.