Senecio millefolium Torrey and Gray Revisited in the Cedars of Lee County, Virginia


Douglas W. Ogle

Additional Authors:


September – 1991


Senecio millefolium, Cedars, Lee County, Virginia, memmingeri, anonymus,

<em>Senecio millefolium</em> T. & G. was added to the Virginia flora in 1944 by Lloyd G. K. Carr on the basis of a single specimen collected in the Cedars of Lee County. The Carr specimen was small and depauperate, and the species was not identified subsequently from this area. In 1971, <em>S. millefolium</em> was omitted from the Virginia flora and since that time has been considered a Blue Ridge endemic found only in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In 1990, collections of <em>Senecio millefolium</em> were made in the Cedars along with <em>Senecio</em> ✕<em>memmingeri</em> (<em>S. anonymus</em> ✕ <em>S. millefolium</em>). Their identification readmits <em>S. millefolium</em> to the Virginia flora, expands its range to the Ridge and Valley Physiographic Province, and adds limestone to its edaphic tolerance. The species remains threatened even with the addition of these new populations.. [sic]