Vascular Flora of Hickman County, Kentucky


Jeffrey T. Grubbs

Additional Authors:

Marian J. Fuller


September – 1991


Vascular Flora, Hickman County, Kentucky

Hickman County, one of four westernmost counties of Kentucky bordered by the Mississippi River, consists of 308,750 hectares of which 79% have been cultivated. Hickman County is part of the Jackson Formation which is overlain by loess and alluvium. Obion Creek and Bayou de Chien Creek are primary drainage systems. More than 40 habitats, many of which are wetlands, were systematically collected from March 1987 to November 1988. These collections produced a three-fold increase in the number of species, subspecies and varieties known to occur in Hickman County. The result is an annotated list of 889 taxa representing 435 genera and 126 families.