The Cedar Glade Endemic Viola egglestonii Brainerd: New to Indiana and Eastern Tennessee


Jerry M. Baskin

Additional Authors:

Carol C. Baskin and James R. Aldrich


March – 1987


Cedar, Endemic, Viola, egglestonii, Brainerd, Indiana, Tennessee

The cedar glade endemic <em>Viola egglestonii</em> is reported for the first time from Indiana, eastern Tennessee and two additional counties in Kentucky. In Indiana, the species grows on a Paleozoic (shaley) limestone glade in Harrison County in the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province, in eastern Tennessee it occurs on Paleozoic limestone glades in Hamilton and Meigs counties in the Ridge and Valley Physiographic Province and in Kentucky the new records of occurrence are for limestone glades in Jefferson and Hardin counties in the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province.