The Hidden Abundance of Lepuropetalon spathulatum (Saxifragaceae) and Its First Reported Occurrence in Florida


Daniel B. Ward

Additional Authors:

Angus K. Gholson


March – 1987


Lepuropetalon, spathulatum, Saxifragaceae, Florida

<em>Lepuropetalon spathulatum</em> (Saxifragaceae), a minute and little-known winter annual native to the southeastern and south-central United States, has been found within the state of Florida. This discovery extends the range into all the southeastern coastal plain states. The species, hitherto assumed rare, is now known from 130 counties, from southeastern North Carolina to eastern Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. A map is provided. Apparent frequency is much higher in the south-central states where collectors have been active. The suggestion is made that examination of suitable habitats in the early spring would disclose a greater abundance of this plant than has previously been suspected.