The Orobanchaceae of Virginia


Lytton J. Musselman

Additional Authors:


September – 1982


Orobanchaceae, Virginia, Conopholis, americana, Epifagus, virginiana, Orobanche, uniflora, minor, ludoviciana

The following species of Orobanchaceae occur in Virginia: <em>Conopholis americana</em>, <em>Epifagus virginiana</em>, <em>Orobanche uniflora</em>, <em>O. ludoviciana</em>, and <em>O. minor</em>. <em>Orobanche ludoviciana</em>, known from only three collections, has previously been unrecorded for the state and is probably now extinct in Virginia. <em>Orobanche minor</em>, an European weed, has occasionally been introduced and is the only member of the genus that attacks plants of agronomic importance. Description of each species with notes on parasitism, distribution, and floral biology are included.