The Rediscovery of Triphora trianthophora, Three Birds Orchid, in The Coastal Plain of South Carolina


Richard D. Porcher

Additional Authors:


June – 1977


Triphora, trianthophora, Orchid, Coastal, South Carolina, Swartz, Rydberg

<em>Triphora trianthophora</em> (Swartz) Rydberg, primarily a mountainous plant in South Carolina, was first collected in the South Carolina Coastal Plain by Dr. Henry W. Ravenel in the mid 1800’s, along the Santee Canal in Berkeley County (Porcher, 1974). According to available records, this orchid has not been found in the Coastal Plain since Ravenel’s collection. I report two disjunct populations found in the coastal counties of Berkeley and Charleston. Also reported are notes on its life history and habitat preference.