The Status of Helonias bullata L. (Liliaceae) in the Southern Appalachians


Robert D. Sutter

Additional Authors:


March – 1984


Helonias, bullata, Liliaceae, Swamp Pink

<em>Helonias budlata</em> L. (Liliaceae), Swamp Pink, is a rare disjunct species inhabiting few bogs in the Southern Appalachians. Its main range is the coastal plain from Virginia to New Jersey. The status of the species in the Southern Appalachians is presented with a summary of population number, population size, inflorescence number and population threats. The breeding system of the species is also described. <em>Helonias</em> is self-compatible and produces large numbers of seed per plant, however, the browsing of inflorescences, the restricted seed dispersal, and sparsity of safe sites for germination appears to reduce the potential number of seedlings entering the populations. Seed appears to be a minor contributor to the continued maintenance of these populations.