Vascular Flora of Little River on the Fall Line, Hanover County, Virginia


Bruce L. King

Additional Authors:


March – 1984


Vascular Flora, River, Hanover County, Virginia, Asteraceae, Poaceae,

A short segment of the Little River as it crosses the Fall Line in Hanover County, Virginia, was the focus of this floristic study. Plants were collected throughout the growing seasons of 1976 and 1977 and intermittently from 1978 through 1981. The study area is characterized by six distinct habitats: 1) lowlands, 2) lower to middle slopes, 3) upper slopes and ridges, 4) upland flats, 5) rocky coves and 6) disturbed habitats. The flora of the study area is a mixture of Piedmont and Coastal Plain species. The catalogue of the vascular plants includes 93 families, 278 genera and 453 species. The Asteraceae and the Poaceae are the two largest families representing 21% of the flora.