A Test of Temperature Estimation From Solar Irradiation and a Simple Statistical Method to Integrate Elevation Into Prediction Models

Author : Robert J. Warren II

ABSTRACT Temperature drives ecosystem function and can be estimated from potential solar irradiation (the surface angle of the Earth in relationship to the sun). However, indirect topographical proxies (i.e., aspect) are often used in lieu of direct temperature estimates; and temperature models based on potential solar irradiation typically omit elevation, a key parameter in temperature …


Vascular Plant Flora of the Remnant Blackland Prairies in Oaky Woods Wildlife Management Area, Houston County, Georgia

Author : S. Lee Echols

Additional Authors : Wendy B. Zomlefer

ABSTRACT Blackland prairies are a globally imperiled, rare plant community only recently discovered in central Georgia. A floristic inventory was conducted on six remnant blackland prairie sites within Oaky Woods Wildlife Management Area, 12 km southeast of Warner Robins. The 43 ha site complex yielded 351 species in 219 genera and 89 families. Four species …


The Vascular Flora of the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area, Tennessee

Author : Stacy D. Huskins

Additional Authors : Joey Shaw

ABSTRACT The vascular flora of the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area (NCCG) was studied during three growing seasons from 2006 to 2008. NCCG is located in Hamilton and Sequatchie Counties, Tennessee, on the eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau. Within the study area are 2,862 ha of eastern deciduous forest that contains 12 …


A First Assessment of Lichen Diversity for One of North America’s ‘Biodiversity Hotspots’ in the Southern Appalachians of Virginia

Author : Brendan P. Hodkinson

ABSTRACT Although the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia, United States, are known to represent a major ‘hotspot’ of biodiversity for North America, no significant survey of overall lichen diversity has been conducted in the region thus far. Presented here is a list of 221 distinct taxa of lichens, lichenicolous fungi, and ‘lichen allies’ collected during …


Noteworthy Collections: Virginia 75(1)

Author : Brent W. Steury

Claytonia rubra (T.J. Howell) Tidestrom ssp. rubra (PORTULACACEAE)—Arlington County: rim of Potomac River Gorge, 25 m from George Washington Memorial Parkway roadside, 100msouth of first overlook, 7 April 2009, Steury 090407.1 {CM, George Washington Memorial Parkway Herbarium, UC}. Significance. This is the first record for Eastern Kartesz 1999, Miller 2003). Claytonia rubra (red-stem springbeauty) is …


Noteworthy Collections: Mississippi 75(1)

Author : Maggie Whitson

Portulaca amilis Speg. (PORTULACACEAE)— Lowndes County: Columbus, in a weedy, infrequently mowed lawn directly along the east roadside at 2120 US Highway 45/ State Road 50 (N33 31.379, W88 26.135), about 50 yards north of the intersection with Hospital Drive; 17 Aug. 2008, Maggie Whitson 2008-0002 with Mona and Jim Whitson (KNK). Significance. The South …


Noteworthy Collections: Louisiana 75(1)

Author : Christopher S. Reid

Additional Authors : Patricia L. Faulkner

Eleocharis melanocarpa Torr. (CYPERACEAE)— Bienville Parish: Sandylands NE of Piney Woods Road (PR 676), 0.8 km E of bridge over Kepler Creek Lake   Significance. The above-cited specimens represent the first recorded population of Eleocharis melanocarpa in Louisiana, as applicable sources do not report this species for the state (Thomas and Allen 1993, United States …


Upper Canopy Collection and Identification of Grapevines (Vitis) from Selected Forests in the Southeastern United States

Author : Sydney E. Everhart

ABSTRACT Woody grapevines (Vitis spp.) are common in the deciduous forests of the southeastern United States. Their growth habit makes leaf collection challenging and polymorphic leaves make identification of species difficult. Mature grapevines can grow up to 48 cm in diameter at breast height and reach the upper canopy of trees more than 35 m …


Book Review — On Harper’s Trail; Roland McMillan Harper, Pioneering Botanist of the Southern Coastal Plain

Author : Brian R. Keener

Shores, E.F. 2008. On Harper’s Trail; Roland McMillan Harper, Pioneering Botanist of the Southern Coastal Plain. University of Georgia Press, Athens, Georgia. $42.95. ISBN 10: 0- 8203-3100-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-8203-3100-3.


CORRECTION — Noteworthy Collections: Virginia 75(2)

Author : Brent W. Steury

Due to a printer error in the revisions of the proofs, the words ‘‘North America’’ and a parenthesis in the second line of the second paragraph were not  included in the final printing of the Noteworthy Collection. The corrected article is reprinted here. —Managing Editor