Author : Editor-in-Chief

The Editorial Committee gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following people who reviewed manuscripts for Castanea during 2014. CASTANEA REVIEWERS FOR 2014 Scott Abella Matthew Albrecht Allan J. Bornstein J. Stephen Brewer Irwin M. Brodo Cameron Carlyle Susan C. Carr Stacy L. Clark Wayne K. Clatterbuck Carolyn Copenheaver Jenny Cruse Sanders Theresa Culley Margaret S. Devall Rivka …


Noteworthy Collections: Missouri Spiranthes praecox (Orchidaceae) and Carex atlantica subsp. capillacea (Cyperaceae): New to the Flora of Missouri

Author : Matthew C. Pace

Additional Authors : Alan E. Brant

Spiranthes praecox (Walter) S. Watson (Orchidaceae)— Stoddard County, Missouri: Otter Slough Conservation Area. Ditch along extension of Co. Rd 686. Between levee and edge of woods. Saturated to emergent wetland. Drier open margin of saturated ground near base of berm. Two stems observed. T24N R9E S8 SE4 SE4. 31 May 2000. A.E. Brant 4383 with …


The Flora of Beavers’ Meadow, Barbour County, West Virginia, Revisited after a Quarter Century

Author : Katharine B. Gregg

Additional Authors : Larry H. Klotz

Since the early 1980s, Beavers’ Meadow in Barbour County, West Virginia, has been well known for large populations of the orchids Cleistes bifaria and Platanthera ciliaris. Seven taxa of special concern in West Virginia were present at that time: Andropogon glomeratus var. glomeratus, Athyrium filix-femina subsp. angustum, C. bifaria, Rhynchospora recognita, Sericocarpus linifolius, Scleria triglomerata, …


Habitat Characteristics of Spiraea virginiana Britton, a Federally Threatened Riparian Shrub, in North Carolina

Author : Jonathan L. Horton

Additional Authors : Joseph McKenna, C. Reed Rossell, JR., H. David Clarke Jennifer Rhode Ward Steven C. Patch

ABSTRACT We studied the habitat characteristics of Spiraea virginiana Britton (Virginia spiraea), a federally threatened riparian shrub, along eight rivers in western North Carolina. Comparisons between plots with and without S. virginiana revealed that S. virginiana plots were on steep, south-facing slopes and had a higher percentage of large substrate, lower herbaceous and vine cover, …


The Influence of Agricultural Abandonment and the Abiotic Environment on the Vegetation Communities of a Suburban Deciduous Forest

Author : Daniel B. Breen

Additional Authors : Vanessa B. Beauchamp Stephanie M. Koontz Roland P. Roberts

ABSTRACT Length of time since agricultural abandonment, variations in topography and soil, and forest fragmentation associated with suburban development can influence dominant vegetation and foster exotic species invasion in a secondary successional forest. The Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA) in Maryland is a regrowth forest adjacent to suburban sprawl that was abandoned from agriculture at …


Changes in Fagus grandifolia and Acer saccharum Abundance in an Old-Growth, Beech-Maple Forest at Warren Woods State Park, Berrien County, Michigan, USA

Author : Robert Tatina

ABSTRACT In the beech-maple forest at Warren Woods State Park, the importance values of Fagus grandifolia and Acer saccharum have increased compared with their values from the 1829 Government Land Office survey of the same area—a small increase for F. grandifolia and a large increase for A. saccharum. For F. grandifolia the greatest increase between …


Restoration Results for a Maryland Shale Barren after Pignut Hickory Management and a Prescribed Burn

Author : R. Wayne Tyndall

ABSTRACT Maryland shale barren (savanna) communities support rare, threatened, and endangered species, but biodiversity conservation sites are transitioning to pignut hickory woodland and forest as a result of fire exclusion. In Green Ridge State Forest, an exemplary community was studied for vegetation change after pignut hickory management and a prescribed burn. Portions of contiguous chestnut …


IN MEMORIAM: Professor Elsie Quarterman (1910–2014)

Author : Carol C. Baskin

Additional Authors : Jerry M. Baskin

Dr. Elsie Quarterman, known fondly to her students as EQ, passed away on 9 June 2014 at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 103 years. She was born on 28 November 1910 in Valdosta, Georgia. Dr. Quarterman obtained her B.A. degree from Georgia State Women’s College (now Valdosta State University) in 1932, …


IN MEMORIAM: Dr. John Edwards Fairey III (1940–2015)

Author : John Nelson

It is a sad joy to provide a few thoughts about the life of John Fairey, who passed away on Sunday, 1 February 2015. (Note to the reader: There are a number of people named ‘‘John’’ in this brief statement, so pay attention.) John Edwards Fairey III, a beloved teacher, researcher, and friend of many, …