Book Review: Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State

Author : Allison Cusick

Werier, David. 2017. Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State. Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Society, 267: 1–542. Hardbound. $35.00. ISBN978-0-9996525-0-3. (also available as e-book).


Effects of Fire and Pollinator Visitation on the Reproductive Success of Asimina reticulata (Annonaceae), the Netted Pawpaw

Author : Louise K. Barton

Additional Authors : Eric S. Menges

ABSTRACT The netted pawpaw (Annonaceae, Asimina reticulata) is a widespread Florida endemic plant that produces relatively few fruits. To understand its distribution and reproductive success, we posed three questions: (a) how do time-since-fire (TSF) and pollinator visitation influence reproductive success, (b) is it pollinator dependent, and (c) does outcrossing increase reproductive success? In 2016, we …


The Vascular Flora of the Freedom Hills Forever Wild Tract, Colbert County, Alabama

Author : T. Wayne Barger

Additional Authors : Chris T. Taylor, Ashley S. Peters, Brian D. Holt, Jimmy K. Triplett, J. Kevin England,

ABSTRACT The Freedom Hills Forever Wild Tract (FHFWT) is a 13,800 ha property acquired through multiple purchases by Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust beginning in 2001. The FHFWT is managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for habitat conservation, as a wildlife management area, and for outdoor education. An intensive floristic study …


Noteworthy Collections: An Account of Triadica sebifera (L.) Small in Virginia with Comments on Invasiveness and Range Expansion

Author : Douglas A. DeBerry

Additional Authors : Dakota M. Hunter

Triadica sebifera (L.) Small (EUPHORBIACEAE)— King and Queen County: Virginia Seasonally inundated Nyssa biflora Walt. swamp in backwater zone of a man-made pond near the York River shoreline, approximately 8 km southeast of the Town of West Point (lat: 37.476529; lon: 76.727332). Eight individual saplings were found growing on hummocks among the following associates: N. …


Photoautotrophic-Periphyton Composition in Reaches with Differing Nutrient Concentrations in the Harpeth River of Middle Tennessee

Author : Jefferson G. Lebkuecher

Additional Authors : Sandra Bojic, Cooper A. Breeden, Samantha L. Childs, Matthew C. Evans, Bailey S. Hauskins, Zach A. Irick, Josh C. Kraft, Jonathan M. Krausfeldt, Nicole I. Santoyo

ABSTRACT Four sites of the Harpeth River, two upstream and two downstream of the Franklin Wastewater Treatment Facility in Franklin, Tennessee, were sampled to assess the impact of nutrient enrichment on the integrity of photoautotrophic periphyton. Concentrations of total phosphorus of water samples ranged from 310 lg.L1 at the uppermost site to 1035 lg.L1 at …


Water Source Utilization in Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. (baldcypress) over the Course of a Growing Season in a Restored Coastal Freshwater Wetland Vulnerable to Saltwater Incursion

Author : Mary Jane Carmichael

Additional Authors : Joseph C. White, William K. Smith,

ABSTRACT Stable isotopic analysis of water use patterns in wetland vegetation can provide insight into the anticipated ecophysiological response of individual species to seasonal and/or episodic changes in water quality such as saltwater incursion into freshwater wetland ecosystems. In this study, variation in water source utilization over the course of a growing season was investigated …


Noteworthy Collections: Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina (82-2)

Author : Robert J. Soreng

Additional Authors : Roderick H. Simmons

Poa iconia Azn. var. iconia (POACEAE) – Maryland, Howard County: In wooded back yard, growing in moss, 13 May 1989, E. Cohen 22 (US); Prince George’s County: Near Margaret Brent Dormitory, College Park, Apr 1939, R. Rappleye 1552 (US); Virginia, City of Alexandria: Tarleton Park, ca. 0.25 km WNW of the intersection of S. Gordon …


Interesting, Provocative, and Enigmatic: Morphological Observations on Southeastern Quillworts (Isoetes Isoetaceae, Lycopodiophyta)

Author : Rebecca D. Bray

Additional Authors : Peter W. Schafran, Lytton J. Musselman,

ABSTRACT The unique morphology of quillworts has received limited attention, and such studies have been limited to only a few species. Our extensive field work during the past two decades has revealed variation in the structures of the plant, including the rhizomorph, scales, phyllopodia, and abscission caps. Polarity of the axes of southeastern quillwort rhizomorphs …


Host Cues Mediate Growth and Establishment of Oak Mistletoe (Phoradendron leucarpum, Viscaceae), an Aerial Parasitic Plant

Author : Christopher P. Randle

Additional Authors : Brandi C. Cannon, Amber L. Faust, Angela K. Hawkins, Sara E. Cabrera, Stephen Lee, Michelle L. Lewis, Amy A. Perez, James Sopas, Timothy J. Verastegui, Justin K. Williams,

ABSTRACT The oak mistletoe (Phoradendron leucarpum, Viscaceae) is well-documented to exhibit preference for a few potential host species in a given locality, even when many potential host species are present. In trying to explain this distribution, we examined the mechanisms by which mistletoe seedlings recognize potentially suitable hosts in the Piney Woods ecoregion of east …


Vascular Flora of Crowders Mountain State Park

Author : Robert D. Tompkins

Additional Authors : Catherine McRae Luckenbaugh

ABSTRACT A floristic survey was conducted of Crowders Mountain State Park for all vascular species from 2010–15. Crowders Mountain State Park was established in 1974 to protect a geologically unique North Carolina Piedmont site. In addition, it is known for its rare plant species. A total of 420 taxa was collected in this study, representing …